Emebed Posada is in a privileged location: Villa de Castrojeriz. This is one of the most culturally rich towns of the Camino de Santiago declared of cultural interest and has several monuments of historical heritage of Spain.

It is located in the province of Burgos, in the border with the province of Palencia, 16 km. of the N-Valladolid-Burgos 620 and 11 km from Burgos and Leon.

It currently has a census of 1,105 people, but as in most of our Castilian villages, the population significantly increases and decreases in summer, unfortunately, ostensibly with the rigors of winter.

Taste the excellent gastronomy castreña the best restaurants in the village.
Garlic Soup, sausage and roasted castreña Lechazo are one of the local specialties.