The enchanted Hotel of Castrojeriz

Do not panic, it is not our posada. Ours is a lovely hotel, not enchanted at all!

The fact is, since a while now, an enchanted hotel is said to exist in Castrojeriz. Stories tell that you can hear strange noises, whispers and with full moon, spectral visions of beings. It was even filmed in a paranormal phonemona program called “Cuarto Milenio”  (Sunday night at Four) presented by Iker Jiménez:

In Castrojeriz we have several places that may perfectly be hangouts for paranormal beings, such as the Templar castle crowning the village with its secret tunnels, ruins of the convent of San Anton in the suburbs, or some other wet and dark tavern. No wonder, then, that ghosts have also searched for a nice place to rest.

We are so proud to attract people into the town so that they meet our people, enjoy our culture and cuisine and the beautiful places that we have to show. 

See you soon … mere mortals …


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