Jim and Jackie Gascho mentioned us in their blog of the “Camino”

Jim and Jackie were recently in the Emebed Posada, Castrojeriz, one of their stages by the Pilgrim’s way through. To document their journey, they have created a blog, where they have been capturing ideas, images and comments in a very entertaining way.

In the part devoted to their stage along Castrojeriz , they dedicated us a friendly and extensive text, for which we are very thankful and proud. For us, it is a pleasure to be recognized for our continuous effort to best serve our customers, and gradually improve as much as possible. You can see it here:

Jackie and Jim were charming, fun and grateful guests. We know that the Camino implies not staying for long periods along the different stages, since much remains to be done, but it makes us sad that our guests leave, above all with those who, for one reason or another, we got more along with.

Jackie on the stairs of the winery

Jackie on the stairs of the winery

We take this opportunity to greet all those who have passed this year by Emebed and wish you the best and that you come back soon. We have your memory and the hope to see you again around here and, occasionally, the news that are coming via email, social networks or blogs. For this reason we encourage you all to tell us about your experiences of the Camino and in our Hotel. It really excites us!

Thank you Jackie & Jim, we wish you the best and that we see you again very soon!


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