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“Health is human must feel, Joy and Peace” Ayurveda is an ancient legacy from India, whose function is to heal and balance both the physical body and the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of human beings. Ayurvedic massage, called in Sanskrit “abhyanga masaje“,  is one of the most important measures for health maintenance toiletries. It is always preceded by an abundant anointing the body with warm oil best suited for each individual constitution (dosha) and season. Our oils are all top quality and are gently medicated with flowers and herbs. Everything you put on your skin is edible and natural. Some of the…

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Season starts at Emebed!

  • Posted on 15 April, 2014
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Today at Emebed we launch a new season with a splendid day! Sunny and very lively! Many pilgrims on the road. Welcome!!

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